How Do You Get Rid of Spam?

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  1. I must have signed up for or joined or did something which flooded my email with spam.

    There was one that said if you want to unsubscribe go to this link. But I was too scared to go to the link because who knows how much more damage they could do to me.

    So now I just routinely mark everything as spam. Will it ever end? Is there something I can do?
  2. Have two email addresses gmail and hotmail. One email used for "signing up" and another for personal only emails.

    Hotmail is good for filtering spam....mostly for ED pills :)
  3. I know, but then I have to notify everybody who already knows my email address that it has changed, and that is kind of stupid because I don't email that much, maybe just once a year.
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    hide that 'spam' link from your sight
  5. I 2nd the use multiple email addresses. I have a personal one and a 'catch all' one - - all signups, etc go to that one.

    Once you are on a list(s) and they know it's active, good luck. Other than your email provider having spam filters, you can use an email download program like Outlook then buy a spam filter for that.
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    Never use your real ISP email address...not even with friends and family.

    In contrast, use only something that's free like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail or any other free email address as your regular account. Thus, if you get's no biggie and if it gets really bad...close the account and get another one. :cool:

    Yahoo has gotten better these days in sending spam into the "spam box". Yet, there's better free email addresses out there that has much better spam filters than Yahoo.
  7. The Gmail spam filter works pretty well for me.

    One thing I hardly ever do is open spam messages, and I most certainly would not click on any links in such a message, it is just too risky.
  8. yeah, except this was like 17 or 20 at a time. I just moved to a new apartment. There's a dumpster between my mailbox and my front door. Now all I have to do is go get the mail, sort through it on my way back and stop off at the dumptser and toss almost all of it in there. It never even enters my house.
  9. Click that link from someone else's computer. Like a library or somewhere that they have iron clad firewalls & anti-virus.
  10. good idea, thanks
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