How do you get proof of managed account performance?

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  1. I'm thinking about opening a managed forex account, and I'm requesting proof of past performance. They want to know the type of proof I want. What should I tell them? Is it even possible to have managed accounts audited because they are held by the investors instead of the program? What type of proof should I request?
  2. If somebody is intent on defrauding another party, then most ''proof'' can be easily falsified, including ''audited statements'' and tax returns. That's why big funds of hedge funds have a ''due diligence'' dept that specializes in this function.

    Aren't you the guy who was excited a couple of months back about some hedge fund you found on the internet which was some bs ponzi scheme?

    Sounds like you found another one. LOL!
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    If they are a real fund (as opposed to CTA/managed accounts) they will have an administrator (Citco, Fortis etc). Speak with them.
  4. A ponzi scheme would be sort of hindered from taking my money given their limited power of attorney at FXCM, don't you think?
  5. It's a managed account.
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    Do the following:

    Pick 1 good and 1 bad month from their published track record and ask for broker statements for these two months. You should be able to reconcile the two and you will get a feel for how trade.

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