How do you get over the fear of increasing position size?

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    Why fear ? Because subconscious mind is telling you that it is dangerous, risky, fearful, scary.
    And the subconscious mind could be creating hovoc by giving uss
    OCD obsessive compulsive disorder where we think about fear again and again at subconsioucs level.

    We have to overcome fear
    by conscious thinking
    by visualisation
    by using psycho cybernectics
    by centering our mind using various techniques

    and we have to do is repeatedly, frequently till the attitude of confidence becomes a habit.
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  2. %%
    And dont forget , until he has some idea/plan of what he /anyone is dong, he rightly should be afraid:thumbsup::caution:.
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  3. No one will ever be able to completely overcome their fear. To be afraid - is normal, an absence of fear - now that's abnormal.
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  4. In an environment of uncertainty, you're risking much more all at once. How can that ever be a good thing? Running fast and confidently in the dark might get you there sooner if you're lucky, but it's safer to walk and feel your way through. You're less likely to end up with a limp. :D
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  5. Backtest your strategy in a simulator to gain more confidence.

    Best regards
    Henrik Thorstensson
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    I just try not to focus on the sum of the item, but to work with percentage. I include a certain percent of risk into a trade plan and just don't pay attention to the amount of money.
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    Thats much more logical than risking a dollar size stop; even though i mostly trade with use US dollars+ fractions of dollars LOL:D:D
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