How do you follow the news during and after the trading day?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am a technical trader from Europe who just recently started trading the US equity markets and I could need a few pointers.

    What is the best way to stay in tune with the news during the trading day and what are the most important resources to be aware of?

    Wall Street Journal? Bloomsberg? Newsflashr? News feed on your trading platform? TV? Any worthy smart phone applications?

    Further, is there any good newsletters or similar to get a feel for the big picture when one is bored on the weekends? :)

    I recall Brett Steenbarger recommending John Mauldin, but I have not had a chance to look it up myself yet.

    I`m already reading The Economist.

    Thanks in advance,

    Laissez Faire
  2. Fantastic thread! :D
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    I watch CNBC the first half hour but admittedly their news is late. Others have mentioned

    Bloomberg terminal
    MarketWatch news viewer

    and a few others I don't recall.
  4. is a great site
  5. JM1987

    JM1987 has decent wires has a good news feed also is really good but you need to pay for it
  6. Te laisse pas faire, Laissez Faire... :p

    I live in Paris and have CNBC use one 1/4 of the screen on my 2nd monitor, running the whole trading day, from morning til close at NYSE.

    Not that I'm constantly watching or carefully listening all the time, but I do pay attention esp. around major news hours (eg 14h30 CET), I enjoy the Rick vs Steve heated debates, but also every now and then they do uncover important news which have not necessarily made it yet to my fav news sites. Not to mention the now famous show where a sanguine Jim Cramer yells at people in power sitting on their hands while the financial system was but falling apart (look for it on YouTube, s'thing to see really - THEY KNOW NOTHING - NOTHING !!!)

    (they also have a couple of hotties there, if that's of any importance to you ^^)

    Just my 2 €cents... ;)
  7. I use to listen to Bloomberg Radio, but I decided to stop because I tend to do knee-jerk sells or buys based on "breaking news". [​IMG]
  8. At the risk of repeating myself, I`ll say it again, fantastic thread! :D

    I really appreciate it guys. Many nice resources you gave me. The Briefing service looks very nice, but I don`t think I can afford it, nor do I probably need it, although it would be nice.

    I`m merely looking to stay in tune with what happens and to not be trading in ignorance of important news releases, but I won`t make any trading decisions from watching the news.

    Hotties on CNBC? Maybe I`ll need that one...;)
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  10. For some reason, OptionsExpress stopped carrying streaming Dow Jones news--unless I'm mistaken. I don't trade there, but have kept open an account. They do carry which is a decent occasional summary. is good, but not incredibly fast. CNBC is good when waiting for news releases, but other than that it tends to be a distraction. Steenbarger has stopped blogging, I think. Used to read his blog every morning.
    good luck
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