How do you find your signals?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by freewilly, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Neet



    certainly you must use pivots ?
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  2. i do use pivots. i should have said... "i use no LAGGING indicators" intraday

    pivots aren't really "indicators" anyways. they are key reference points.
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  3. Atlantic


    it is obvious that you never made a trade with real money
    #13     Jan 4, 2007
  4. I try to enter all my trades with limit orders put in advance when I see a possible setup which will become a complete setup as soon as order is filled. So the moment of entering is automatic and as fast as possible.

    As for looking for setups yes I mostly look at the screen for all six hours, but when you look at it long enough it becomes obvious when setups are probably going to happen and when not and during the working day you have time to have a cup of tea or like that almost without risk of missing a trade.

    What I found is only screen time helps you to find good trades and avoid mistakes. To get you must invest. And screen time is IMHO one of the best investments one can make into trading business.

    P. S. What time frame do you trade off? Maybe it's worth to increase it a bit if you are too slow to react in current TF.
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