how do you find stocks that have moved $.50 or $.75 from the open price?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by globe, May 26, 2005.

  1. globe



    I'm a real newbie when it comes to trading software so I hope you have a little patience.

    I'm a swing trader and what I'm trying to do is find stocks that have moved at least $.50 or $.75 from the OPEN price. Also with a lot of volume and momentum.

    Do you know of any software where you can set this as the search parameters? Does esignal do this?


  2. Toonces


    Not sure about eSignal, but I'm guessing they do have a scan for that. I think there are a few services where you could get this; the only ones that I know absolutely for sure are Cybertrader Pro (but it's 250/mo unless you trade 40K shares) and Sortwizard (only about $40/mo), but you need Real Tick to feed it, which is $150/mo.
  3. Peabo



    I used to use SortWizard (awesome product), but it requires a RealTick datafeed.

    I found has an excellent scanner that will do what you are seeking, plus a ton of other stuff.

    It requires a datafeed from eSignal or DTN.IQ

  4. IGolf


    Trade Ideas would be ideal for that and you don't need any other feeds
  5. ess1096


    I agree, Trade Ideas would do that perfectly and if you have a Scottrade account it is included in Scttrade Elite.
  6. CQG offers a host of capabilites such as the one your requesting through our market scan.

    Check us out online WWW.CQG.COM

    by the is the formula in CQG.

    Open(@)>= (Close(@)+.50)[-1]
  7. zdreg


    do any of these programs have a no repeat feature. a symbol appears once and does not repeat.