How do you find out the current stock price???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bearingthebull, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. I bought heavily into Sun tech(stp) and Banco Santana (std)

    Both stocks on Friday went up, STP .38 and STD .28 I checked after hours and they both dropped now it say it went up on google. Can someone tell me how to check the current price its trading for on the after hours market.

    I just switched to optionsexpress from my investment adviser after I found out He was charging me way to much for trades I can be doing myself online for less than $10 instead of his fee for $39

    All the help and advice anyone can give me will be fantastic.

  2. spindr0


    A good trading platform will show you prices pre/post regular market hours.

    If real time isn't essential, you can look em up at (click AFTER HOURS QUOTES under EXTENDED TRADING):

    $10 per trade is good if you trade larger blocks of low priced shares. For trades under 2,000 shares and if you trade more than infrequently, you can trade at InteractiveBrokers for a 50 cent commission per 100 shares ($1 minimum ticket)

  3. Spindro,

    Thank you for the info it was very helpful.