How do you find breakout stocks?

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    How is the best way to find breakout stocks before they move many points out?

    How do you screen for stocks to buy?

    Is there any good methadology to picking stocks? Buying and selling?
  2. Have you tried

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  4. I enjoy reading this book:

    I suspect William J. O'Neil has some good observations:

    I find lots of great trading method ideas at and it is all free.

    I learn by testing different trading methods.

    A check valve

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    (1) does not predict the future and (2) allows fluids to flow mostly in one direction.

    A financial check valve (1) does not predict the future and (2) allows money to move from other accounts into my accounts.

    You might consider likely designs of a financial check valve.
  5. Keep an eye on stocks that are making 52-week highs or lows. That'll help to keep you from wasting time looking at range-bound stocks.