How do you find a head hunter?

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  1. Head hunters were mentioned in another thread.

    I've always wondered how one gets in with a head hunter, and how to evaluate WHICH head hunters will find you what you want.

    It'd be nice to have a head hunter to potentially pimp me out sometime.

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  2. I put my resume on or some similar site in 2001, and in the following months I received about 20 calls from 3 or 4 different headhunters. Of course, that was when some people had not realized yet that the bubble had burst.
  3. Yes. You generally work yourself into a position such that competitors or other potential employers would want to poach you. Then the headhunters will call you directly.

    Approaching headhunters directly generally isn't worth their time, or yours.

    I've been in both boats.
  4. Its a catch-22. If you are in a position that headhunters want to help, then you don't need them. If you need the help of a headhunter, they don't want you.

    Sometimes a headhunter might present you with a prize opening that you were totally unaware of. For the most part its total BS.
  5. In my experience, headhunters were only involved when they were essential. Take investment banking, for instance. In the specialized industry, everybody knows everybody else, and everyone is pursuing the same clients. Moreover, rumor and innuendo travel quickly and can both help or hurt individual careers. In this instance, is can be quite beneficial for both the poaching firm and their target to have a go-between that can feel both parties out without tipping any hands - for instance that a firm is looking to hire into a position that is currently filled, or that a banker has his feelers out for a new opportunity.

    Ironically, oftentimes the more successfull you are, the more help you need. But for someone in Puffy's position it would be, well, "total BS."
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    Headhunters usually specialize by industry or function - software sales, IT etc.

    Find someone who has the type of job that you want and has been in it for a while. Ask him or her to give you a list of the better headhunters.

    Headhunters are like bankers - when you don't need them, you can't get rid of them. If you really need them, they don't want you.

  7. are like traders in many respects...

    Their time is valuable. They look for "high probability" setups. They're not going to waste time on people they've never heard of.

    ... I know this isn't the answer you wanted to hear -- but it's reality.
  8. does anyone know a good head hunter in the New York area?
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  10. I trade and have a Physician Recruitment business from home. I have about 50 recruiters working for me from home all around the country. The average physician recruiter is doing about 6 placements per year, at an average fee of $25k, where I receive 50% of the fee and my recruiters receive the other 50%, and I cover the advertising costs. I earned close to 4 million last year, so it is a pretty good money maker.
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