How do you feel when you miss a bad trade?

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  1. Hehe. This one is actually interesting. I haven't seen this being discussed on ET.

    Let's say you're in the markets everyday from 8 to 17 hours EST. You have a certain system of identifying oportunites. You have your execution plan layed out. You have your money management rules all in check.

    Now here's the plot. You had to go away for an hour or so. You come back and realize that you should have entered a trade that actually would have hit your stop. Oh wait, there's two of them.. No.. It's three losing trades! You should have been in three losing trades. However you were away and didn't lose a penny.

    How do you feel?
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    "How do you feel?"

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    it shows that you are not at the top of your game.
  4. Detailed comments would be also appreciated. The thread is meant to educate others when they come across this. I know how i'd feel. Totally indifferent. Trades will come and go and there is no need to fuss over something that has passed and did nothing to the account. Shoulda, coulda and woulda have no place in trading....
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  6. its like losing big and then making your your money back by gambling on an earnings report. it was luck and that is not what trading is all about although a little luck never hurt anyone. i would not look the gift horse in the mouth. that said,i would see why i wanted the trades in the first place.
  7. sometimes I just smile like I'm high

    most of the times I just stroke my left hand with my right hand and stare out the window like I'm watching the sunset.

    There was this one time I messed up this CSCO trade, I would start massaging my inner thigh
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    Same as when you get anything from luck - whether profit or loss. You just ignore it, get flat if necessary, then carry on as normal as if nothing had happened.
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  10. :)
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