How Do You Feel About This Site and It's Accuracy???

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by dgmodel, Oct 21, 2002.

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  2. I bought the Dave Landry swing trading book through that site. Then, I got a phone call to get his video at a discount of $50 or something. I agreed since I liked the book. Now I still get periodic emails and phone calls asking me to join the site for the hundreds per month or whatever it is.

    Keep in mind this is probably 18 months ago so things may have changed. But on the other hand, it's possible they are even more aggressive now since so many websites are starving for customers. I guess my point is that if you take the free trial, it may be tougher than you'd like to extricate yourself from them should you choose not to continue.
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    thanks for the heads up on that... hows things going for you today???
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    I was a member for a while a couple of years ago, had alot of well known traders, and it was around $300 or so for the YEAR. During my stay, they launched a real-time chat room, then they escalated the pricing, so I left. I did get a free coffee mug, hat, and a book from them during that time. I agree to be cautious on any free trial to any website, for if you decide not to join, they will still try to contact you to change your mind. Overall, TM was good when I was there, I do not know how they are now.
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    thanks a lot... i have the free trial currently and i ve been following some of the pics... some work out some dont... i couldnt say for sure how many out of how many worked out since ive only done a few however as soon as i do ten ill post the results... so far it doesnt look very rewarding... TM said long on amgn and they got slaughtered...
  6. It's funny how these sites wax and wane. For a year or so, these guys were the absolute tops, they made RealMoney/ look like bozos. Then a couple of their best guys left, they started pushing the premium crap and suddenly, it wasn't so good anymore. Now I rank them well below RM. I even think Todd Harrison's new site is better.

    The trading lessons are great and worth the price of the subscription though. Also, the weekly column by larry connors is great. Haggerty is annoying," It was obvious to everyone that the xyz,123 zrd setup triggered at 9:31 giving anyone with a brain a 75 point intraday profit. For more info take one of my 18 courses ." David Floyd is a great trader but says nothing in his column.

    The site has a lot of screening tools. Also, the CVR signals are worth the cost of the subscription.