How do you explain difference between S&P index and SPY ?

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  3. Get off your lazy ass and figured it out. What's with these noob traders who want every little thing fed to them on a silver platter with a platinum spoon? My God, you've got one of the greatest all time sources of information at your fingertips--the Internet--and you want someone to do the work for you?

    You'll never have a chance of making it in this business if you don't put in the effort.
  4. I don't trade the SPY so I don't know the facts for sure, but I'd imagine that one issue would be expenses.

    The SPY deducts a management fee, the SPX does not.

    Also, do SPY and SPX close at the same time? If the SPY follows the futures, then we're talking 4:15pm EST.
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  7. you really got the worldwind on this question didn't ou?


    start with the composition of the derivative first,

    both of these are derivatives and not the underlying vehicle or trading entitiy,

    then compare what their purpose from thier original prospectus stated they were created to do,

    then compare the composition factors,

    then compare the exchanges, times, intervals (both ticks, times and terms) upon which they trade....

    now you have just the beginning of your answer,,,,,

    NOW, go over to a finance college database and search on papers written to answer the same question that were published.

    Now, you could just start backwards and build forwards, but without understanding what these trading vehicles were designed to accomplish, no published paper will do sufficient justice. In that you have invested in yourself and not taken a short cut.

    so, in short, like the others told you, and since you needed someone to spell it out for you,

    do your own research.....
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    SPX or SPY? The case for ETF trading | Condor Options: Iron Condor ...Another important difference is that while the SPY options are electronically traded, there’s still a big open-outcry element to the SPX products. ... - 27k
  9. Any input from REAL ELITEtraders who have info on this matter ? (why would a noob like me do hours of research when an experienced person can give me me an answer in a heartbeat ? )

    Thank you.
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