how do you evaluate yourselves, speculators?

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    Do you consider yourselves as the people who are smart to redistribute the wealth by trading and rediscover the real value of things your trade, or the even vampires who create no value but suck blood all around?, or some image between?:)
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    Definitely the second for me. No value added. Perhaps contributing to keep prices in line with other instruments for some of my systems...
  3. The liquidity provided by traders enables those who wish to sell (speculators, farmers, etc.) to do so at a fair price. We provide a fair market, which is essential to those who create product. In exchange for performing this function we try to get a little off the top, like every other middleman.

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    yes, speculators do provide liquidity, but that is the objective result ,not their subjective goal. I guess everyone of them intends to take money out of others' pocket.:D
  5. Liquor store owners' goals are usually to make money. One of the results is that they provide others with liquor.

    Real estate agents' goals are usually to make money. One of the results is that they help others to sell or find a home.

    Stock, option, and future speculators are fundamentally no different than either of the above. The only difference is the underlying instrument being traded.

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    Future speculators are different from stock traders ( or liquor store owners for that matter ) because they provide nothing but a bunch of hot air.
  7. Speculators are Capitalists.

    It tends to be the Socialists and Marxists who view Capitalists as vampires or out to pick the pockets of others. I guess you fall into that camp.
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  9. I see myself as someone that rebalances the equilibrium that was lacking on the market I was trading. providing the market a correct valuation of the asset.
    being better that other if I was the first one to believe!!
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    I simply wanna give the two extreme sides of their image. Please do not through labels here
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