how do you diminish risks for heavily ITM puts in a market downturn?

Discussion in 'Options' started by cognitivefun, May 1, 2004.

  1. Please pardon my asking what may seem a stupid question.

    Assume I buy JAN04 puts today, say on some stock, at some strike price that is slightly OTM.

    Now comes June and there is a big market downturn. The stock falls 40%, which makes my puts very very deeply ITM.

    What are my risks that might prevent me from taking profits when I want to?

    What about counter-party do I know the counter-party will be able to deliver my cash if I choose to exercise? (I am assuming American style options).

    And if I have puts in a thinner traded option market than the stock I chose, what assurances do I have that there will be a market if I want to simply sell my deep ITM puts?
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    Cognitive fun;
    You can 4get about counterparty risk;
    you may ''put'' much more time & money in things like

    Four biggest mistakes in option trading
    book by Jay Kaeppel.

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    In futures the Clearing Association at the particular exchange guarantees each transaction and the participants are shielded from counterparty risk. The same Associations guarantee the futures option trades.

    I just assumed that in US equity option trading the Option Claring Associations at the respective exchanges guarantee the trades and there is no counterparty risk.
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    I'm no expert on calendars, but I suspect you will lose your entire investment if you purchase OTM Jan04 puts today.
  5. Of course it is quite likely ;)

    Perhaps JAN05 might be better...although you will probably lose your entire investment even then :)