How do you determine your entries?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by etfarb, May 30, 2013.

  1. etfarb


    My entry really blows. Its probably the worst part of my trading and as much as my trade is right... The entry will ruin the management end and force me to close trades way to early for a lose only to look at it later and turn into a gain (if i had held on longer)

    My question is how do you determine entry points. I'm a systematic trader and like to quantify/backtest things as much as possible but i'd be interested to hear from the discretionary guys as well.
  2. BSAM


    I'm curious...

    1. What do you trade?

    2. What timeframe do you use for entry?

    3. Are you sure you understand S/R?
  3. etfarb


    Hi Bsam,

    I mainly trade the NQ

    I use the 1 min and 5 min for entry

    I think i understand S/R... An instrument like the NQ has S/R levels from previous days and overnight sessions - Futhermore S/R is a little bit subjective. But i am all ears to learning
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    Try this for a while:

    Ignore the 5 and devise a plan for entry and reentry after getting stopped out.
  5. dom993


    I don't see why your entry should have any impact on your stop placement.

    I certainly would preach the contrary (your stop placement can have an impact on your entry level).

    Are you trading discretionary or systematic ?
  6. Consider trading a market that is more volatile. :cool:
  7. cornix


    I trade NQ as well. Entries are defined by price action with some volume component.
  8. That is like asking, what is the secret of your business.
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    Watch for range breakouts. That's where runs and the strongest thrusts are born.
  10. I usually look for a certain pattern I like and buy at a pivot point. For instance, if I'm trying to get in on what I think is going to be an uptrend, if I've missed a good part of the rally, I'll wait until the market pulls back (forming a pivot) and get in there.
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