How do you determine what your edge is?

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  1. How do you best calculate your edge? Profit factor?
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    Keep a chart of all your trades in excel.

    This should then allow to then run calculations like win%, number of winners and number of losers.

    This can also tell you total profit amount and total loss amount.

    It can also allow you write thoughts next to your trades.

    I usually will write why I am taking the trade, if I won or loss, and then summary of what went right or wrong.

    I also will end of day, write what I thought of day. It may help you see a common mistake you keep making to improve your win%.

    Also, many programs like ninja trader and trade station have reports that you can generate that will provide many good statistics for you.
  3. net p/l


    there must be zillion other more sofisticaded ways, but they all end up in that figure, either there's some ( edge ) or there isn't ( negative )

  4. I see what you're saying, but its always possible your p/l is due to random luck rather than a true edge. My question is how do you determine weather you are lucky or good?
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    it's not possible.

  6. Check your schedule d, unless of course you don't pay your federal income tax.:D
  7. No, it's not he profit factor. the Edge is well-defined and equal to how much your system has won on average:

    Edge = avg. win x success rate - avg. loss ( 1- success rate)

    Easy to calculate with excel.

    The edge divided by the avg. win is the optimal bet size. Ask any gambler. See this paper for details.
  8. Great advice.
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    A simple thing to do would be to take all your trades and run a test for statistical significance.
  10. disagree. Profit Factor is an excellent measure of an edge. Max drawdown and Sharpe/Sortino is also useful.
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