How Do You Determine the Long-term Trend?

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  1. How do you determine the long-term trend on a daily price chart?

    Do you currently consider the S&Ps to be in an uptrend?

    Do you employ long-term trend filters in your trading?

  2. i can usually see it when it is formed.
  3. I used to struggle with this... but then I realized (through education) it doesn't really matter.

    All that matters is that you have a well defined plan/edge and you follow it. There are as many methods as there are traders.

    To me trend is up if we are trading above a 20 period EMA.
  4. A common way... slope of 200 day moving average... but not especially useful for taking trading risk most of the time
  5. What is your time frame? Are you an investor or a trader?
  6. When I put an ema . QT puts 9 as default. Has 9 got any significance?
  7. Usually, you will know it after it has completed. :)
  8. True!

    A "long-term trend" can change in but a moment.

    More importantly, what will you do?
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    trading , good trading that is, shouldn't depend on this as it's impossible to do .. if one could determine a 'trend' one wouldn't need anything else - just an entry with the determined trend and you are a winner .. however some papers recommend trading 180 or 364 day high - your chances of winning will increase but it's too long for me personally..
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    PnF Point and Figure charts
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