How do you determine rut in the markets are over?

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  1. Let's take the early February cave in the markets. Tons of people were saying, and many likely are still saying, that we are going to retest those lows. Then we had the big drop the other day when Trump brought up the whole tariff thing.

    So when something like this happens, what is the criteria that you look for to say, "OK, this rut is now over, we will now go back into general market price increases"? Is there a magic chart? Magic pattern? Or just X number of days of calm markets? I haven't a clue.

  2. Prices are not consciously produced.

    There are many.

    There are many.

    Economic outcomes are log distributed and serially correlated.
  3. Well, first of all...No One truly knows, at this present or even near-future or future moment.
    Everything, of course, is only crystal clear and evident in Hindsight o_O, o_O ...make that Way hindsight.

    But generally, loosely speaking, I would say apply the same principles to trading and watching and monitoring the market on a daily an expanded, greater scale.

    You have to be a relatively wise and astute and observant person to succeed in the market.
    Don't expect any... truly... Yoda Jedi trader to write every little maybe applicable detail and dynamic thought out for you.

    2018 ET, extraterrestrial traders. All the best, ...High-Five's on the way out,
    I feel like getting a double espresso at Starbucks and picking up some Sweet and Sour beef from the profit I made today trading.
    I might even buy the Whole Tray of Sweet and Sour -- just to see the reaction on the clerk's Face,
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    .....Ya think?
    This is f'ing sage.
    I learn something new everyday here at ET.
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    the common saying is hindsight is 100 per cent.
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    This bull market is nearly a decade old...a 1 week drop is not a's not even a's basically non existent....this bull market is going to end like they all do... an almost decade old bull market means we are very close to an end...or at least 3/4 of the way there....if people were worried about a tiny 10% dip anything further than that will feel worse than the 2008 crisis, I say that because not one single person is prepared, after a continuous solid run with zero setbacks the next bear market will feel like a lifetime even know the average bear market only lasts about 2-3 years or less. That wasn't a rut. Trust me You'll know when the next rut comes around.....
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  7. ECF , the trolls are not even subtle anymore. This is the sign of the end times

  8. So, the market is going up like 70% or 80% of the time. I don't know the right number, but it typically goes up. So when it goes down for an extended period, or ever a short period but a very big down swing, I'm just generically calling that a "rut". I'm wondering how you would determine, once we've had a "rut", that we are out of it.

  9. Who is trolling in this thread? I get a very real sense that you are trolling. There is no one you can realistically be pointing to. Unless its S200. But he just seems very, very pessimistic.
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    You can't know what price will do but you have to know what you want to do. If you set out what are your objectives, the possible courses of action towards each will be clearer.
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