How do you define a true friend?

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  1. I'll have to admit that yesterday I was a victim of the "he said / she said" game. I went out to the bar with an old coworker and we proceeded to talk about mutual friends. I was an asshole for doing so, and of course it got back to my current coworker even after everything that my bar buddy and I said was agreed to be held in confidence.

    This just leads me to believe that the same social games that went on in Jr. High happen throughout life and that I'm the one at fault for participating in it.

    It just makes me wonder what criteria one can use to label another person as a "true friend" and not a mere acquaintance.
  2. game theory is extremely interesting to me, but it seems so complex to implement in real time.

    i loved the game theory example used in the movie, "a beautiful mind." i'm talking about when a group of guys wanted to approach a group of girls, but one girl was clearly more attractive. there would be the best decisions for the guys to make at each moment. people already try to do this stuff now, obviously, but i don't think they realize it--and i don't think they're aware of what the best choices really are.

    if you approach a girl enough times, you learn what to do and what works better than other things. the problem is, you could probably do better if you knew the science of it and what is really going on.

    game theory can be applied so often it is just mind boggling. i've tried a few times to read about it, but i get overwhelmed.
  3. give some examples, please.
  4. Yep! What is true for girls, is true for technical pattern trading as well. The correct term is "randomized strategy".

    Check out this PDF (almost math-free - not bad for a branch of mathematics, huh? :p ):

    And if you`re still not pissed off by the content after reading it, I suggest you continue with "Thinking Strategically" by Dixit and Nalebuff and check out
  5. That's what I considered as well a few years ago, and the fruits of my search were the links I posted in the other thread - I think they're the best available materials dealing with that topic
  6. A non-trader who drinks and has a hole between the legs... since they were born.
  7. 1- Go vacation to a foreigen country together for a monthe, and see how you treat each other?

    2- Stay together (live) under one roof for some time, if you'r bachelore?

    3- Start a small business together, and see how you understand each other?

    4-If he is in deep trouble (and not realy in a position to return the money in near future), and ask you to lend him money?

    5-Introduce him to your gorgeous loving girlfriend, and see what
    kind of re-action or feeling he shows?
  8. My Grandma used to say: "Whenever you want to get rid of a friend who's annoying you - just lend him some money!" :p