How do YOU decide where to place YOUR Stop?

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  1. I never said dont limit your loss. i said think of another way to do the same thing as your stop.
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  2. you would buy the same dollar amount NOT share qty. but dollar amount in an inverse etf. got it.
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    markets do inexplicable things very have to allow for all contingencies
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  4. Place STOP where nobody can find it!
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    you are a genius!
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  6. No!

    The real genius is trader Bruce Kovner interviewed for the book Market Wizards. He is a trend rider. So am I.

    Bruce started off by placing his stops at 5%. That was quickly adopted by Ed Sekota, Finance Professor Charles Bassetti at Golden Gate Univ. San Fran.

    I used to place mine far away, usually right under the 2nd last minir wave low where Goldman Sachs would likely not look. But Bruce said, "go 5% so I did". Sleep like a baby as my loss is calculated on day 1 before pulling trade trigger. Its a loss I don't give a rat's ass about losing.

    That's the deal

    The genius is Bruce Kovner
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    Indeed you are a genius.
    Very sensible suggestion.

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    That sounds like hedging to me. you will neither loss nor gain, whey not just accept the loss and move on?
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    everyone knows-at least the big boys- where your stop is i have to modify your advice a little bit: place stop where it will be too expensive for them to run it
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    hedging is very beneficial to trader who is an expert one.....most less accomplished traders do not really know when to remove the hedge.
    for these traders better put a stop -IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE
    BUT for god's sake use the same technique to put the stop:if it is a tight one or a wide or below support or above the same thing every time: then over the long term it will even out.

    and be well enough capitalized or trade small for your capital so you can afford to take a few stop hits in a row.

    eventually learn about the market movements so that you do not need a stop-it took me ten years to achieve this.

    i know some will call me mad...but market moves are very predictable because traders will tend to buy / sell at the same place....
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