How do you deal with STRESS?

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  1. This is a question that not only concerns trading stress, but general life stress as well (wife, kids, boss, family, friends, etc).

    First, when you recognize that you are in a stressed mood, what kind of activities do you engage in to alleviate your stress? How do you deal with your stress when trading, and do you choose to stop trading when you recognize that you are "stressed out?"

    The reason for this question is to explore alternative ways to manage stress (besides getting drunk, drugged up or shooting someone). I'm sure everyone here deals with a great amount of stress at certain times and I am wondering what tricks you have learned to help your mind relax during stressful moments.

    For instance, when I find that I am stressed out, I tend to find some place in private to take a few deep breaths and listen to some classical music. Sometimes I go to the gym and just run the stress off on the treadmill.

    How do you handle your own stress? Thanks for the replies in advance.
  2. For trading I get out of the office ASAP..... a few minutes on the beach and I am good to go again.

    As for lifes stresses...I put everything in perspective and realize overal how great (I, We) have it and that usually takes the edge off.

    General management: lots of exersize, meditationk, as much beach, boating etc as possible, movies, walkabouts, whatever.

    Drinking, etc. might relax you for a bit....but it sure isn't a stress reliever!
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    I either swim, lift weights, or at least take a run through the park everyday. If i don't i find that my trading suffers.
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    A good BJ helps
  5. fowarded that to my wife! :D
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    i forwarded that to spyderman's wife as well!
  7. I listen to techno its usually upbeat and carries a universal message that your not alone and we are all in this together.

    speaking of stress

    WTF was that today, positive economic news and a hard sell off?

    Screw that.. It better be because of the weekend, cause this speculative bear market crap is getting on my nerves.

    I'm not stressed, I swear :D
  8. :D

  9. Simple.

    Eliminate the source of your stress.

    Either get it away from you, or you get away from it. If you can do neither, then take countermeasures to ensure that you progressively limit your exposure to it.

    Stress is like radiation, act accordingly.

  10. Smoke a Cohiba... :D
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