How do you deal with drowsiness?

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    I'm allergic to caffeine and often feel drowsy during the day when trading. Any suggestion how to deal with that without caffeine or its substitutes?
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    Breath of fire
    take a nap
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    Caffeine isn't good anyway. Go for decaffeinated green tea, it still contains theobromine (stimulant found in cocoa/chocolate) and other good stuff. The other obvious choice is just consuming dark chocolate.
  4. Lose excess weight - Trading promotes a sedentary lifestyle

    Exercise - Cardio, light resistance training, sports during non market hours.

    Cardio in the morning and during the day - stationary bike, treadmill, chase the maid/baby sitter around the house

    Eat healthy

    No Alcohol during week - moderate Friday/Saturday [if at all]

    Proper Rest - maintain a regular sleep schedule, same time to bed each day, same time to rise
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  6. chocolate can be a real bitch to quit
  7. I was a long haul truck driver, so I know all about drowsiness, and I know every trick in the book. The only solution is sleep or to almost kill yourself driving off the road, that will wake you up!

    Get checked out for sleep apnia. If you have it, when you are sleeping, you are not really sleeping. They have a machine you can sleep with at night (a face mask,) People who have it get very drowsy during the day.

    none of the tricks work, not caffeine, not drugs, not snacks not driving with the window open, not walking around, but sometimes talking to somebody, especially a woman, will wake you up. We use to do on the cb, but I suppose now they do it on cell phone.
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    Meth :)
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    '"sometimes talking to somebody, especially a woman, will wake you up "
    funny, it also works if you are having problems falling asleep.
  10. 1,500mg acetyl carnitine, 600mg alpha lipoic acid and 500mg CoQ10; twice daily.
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