how do you day trade?

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  1. Are the best day traders scalpers or longer term "intra day trend followers"? Both?

    Are you 100% technical or fundamental? Both? 100% systematic or discretionary?

    Do you trade one market/stock or one set up in many markets?

    Do you trade all day or just the open and close couple of hours either side?

    do you make small money every day or some really big winning days but a few losing ones?

    Do you trade from? Full time? Part time?

    It's be nice to hear all the different styles of day trading.
  2. Best???

    So you're basically going to stay away from (or fade) what people are going to start posting in this thread...

  3. F.F.S. why did you have to start this thread with a flame? I am asking legit questions out of curiosity.....who don't you do us all a big favour and f*** off!
  4. Actually you couldn't be more wrong....but I guess you have already made your mind up so this is a waste of my time.

    So we can't even be interested in other methods? What is wriong with many people on this forum? Are you seeking a fight? Is that it?

    See my psot above and please do it!

    So you're basically going to stay away from (or fade) what people are going to start posting in this thread...

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  7. I day trade high probability moves. 5-10 trades a day.

    Investments based on fundamentals/dividends, with technical entries.

    Day trades produce higher gains short provide tax breaks and long term assets.

  8. Ok I'll add my couple of cents as long as you don't tell me to fuck off like you did TSGannGalt!

    1. Both I imagine, it probably works out the same in the long run but I have nothing scientific to support that, it's just an opinion based on watching other people's trades and profit/loss.

    2. Both technical and fundamental, systematic and discretionary, where I think there's an opportunity I'll take it.

    3. One market, forex, but many different pairs and set-ups.

    4. A couple of hours in the morning, and one or two hours in the afternoon, I don't sit watching a screen all day as it would be terminally boring and probably very unhealthy! Besides which there is more to life than trading and I trade for the freedom it offers, not to be shackled to a screen all day.

    5. On average money pretty much every day I trade, a smooth equity curve (up preferably!) is my goal rather than noticeable swings or spikes.

    6. Full time, a regular job would get in the way of making money, not to mention my social life and hobbies!

    7. Oh, there isn't one......ok, well I hope that helped!
  9. Nice info. Thanks.
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    Daytrade in the direction of the primary trend.

    What is the primary trend, you ask?

    That's up to you to define it. And when you figure out how, don't tell anyone. :D
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