How do you contact the the Governing Elite or the News Anchors?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by NewAccount, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. What if you had a great idea, know how or knowledge that could really help turnaround the economy! Like you had potential foreign buyers for many several thousands of US RE properties and you needed to negotiate a max. 20 to 50% blanket financing for the most qualified buyers?
    How would you go around about being heard?
    Like finding someone at the Treasury Sec. level or the Fed Chairman etc., supposing your were totally legit with your idea and all you needed was 1 minute to be heard?
    Please take this question for it's face value and respond seriously.
  2. Take hostages. when the FBI guy gets you on the phone, and before the snipers take you out, tell them you don't want money, or a plane out of the country. You want to talk policy.
  3. I'm sorry. You said seriously, and I was levitatioius.

    Get a lobbyist. They run the goddamned country. And I 'm serious. When I hear the stuff they know and do, I'm astounded.
  4. Anthrax.
  5. I'm with fly on this one, find a lobbyist but if you wanted a slice of the deal I'd seek out a hedgefund.
  6. why an HF, what can they do to contact the high elite?
    BTW, I do indeed want an slice of the deal and, why going the lobbyist approach would not get me a share?