How do you connect two PC's?

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  1. I would like to connect two PC's together in order to transfer relatively large files (500mb-1gb) between them. They both have standard 10/100 ethernet cards - can I connect them to each other with a standard network (patch) cable? Or do I need to buy additional hardware to accomplish this?
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    If you are going to connect them directly to each other's ethernet adapter, withou the use of a hub or switch, you need what is called a "cross over cable."

    You can get this at any decent computer store.

  3. simply plugging in the two RJ45 connections on the crossover cable is not all that needs to be configured.

    a decent computer store is the prerequisite, however, a competent salesman who can demonstrate or coach you through reconfiguring the Network settings on your (presumably) Microsoft operating system so that both computers / laptops can see each other as peers on the same network, and then bounce files (that must be marked as shared) across that physical wire.

  4. I think you might need to buy a router which can link the two together. I bought a router for $100 called linksys which enabled me to share my cablemodem. If I wanted to I could share drives as well as printers. If you need computer 1 to see files in computer2 you will have to do additional work WHICH Linksys will not help.

    They will direct you to a website of Microsoft which details the networking issues.

    good luck

  5. also, there is the dual USB connector solution from, which also includes sufficient software to effect P2P file sharing

    (i.e. peer-to-peer, network term for equal station computers seeing each other's contents or the ability for them to do so)
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    "Can I connect them to each other with a standard network(patch) cable?"
    Yes. That's what a network cable and cards are for.
    Can also play games between computers.
    After they're connected you need to configure the network for file sharing.
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    The original question was a hardware question - it did not occur to me that the question also asked about the correct (TCP/IP) settings.

    You do not really need a salesman to setup a simple peer to peer network such as this, although, I am perhaps assuming too much again. Go to Borders or other decent bookstore and look at the section in any of these books on your OS on how to do it.

    As far as sharing in order to see each other's files, this is probably the "easiest." But also keep in mind that FTP may be another way to go with it's own advantages, if your OS supports it.

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    A router is ovekill in this situation and is not needed. A switch or a hub is all that is needed.

    However, _IF_ he needs to also connect both machines to the internet, and he wants to share the connection, and his hardware from the ISP is not already a router, then he should most definetly follow your recommendation.

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    If your knowlege of OS's and networks is not your forte, than this may be the easiest (though not the least expensive) solution!

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    You would use a crossover cable to connect them.
    BUT, if your computer is connected to a modem, then someone can come into your computer through the modem line and also share your files.
    The way to get around that is to use a Firewall Router. (NOT a hub). You should be able to find one for $70. The router can be configured to allow sharing between the two computers while not allowing sharing to the outside. I'm not an expert but I got this info from a geek.:p
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