How do you claim back you life ?

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  1. and fight back against corporatocracy ?

    Wake up people ! We live in a stealth dictatorship , but a very real one and it's there and getting stronger every damned day that goes by.

    You should be very aware of it since you are traders and thus are probably very much under its rule. Because chances are you let the search for money , status fame and materialistic things take over your life, what's more you are constantly tuned in to what has become the main vector of influence of the world dictatorship, the internet .

    Corporations are increasingly ruling your daily life, most of what you do during the day you do it because of corporations exploiting you in a way or in another. And probably you don't even know it most of the time. For example have you thought about the time you spent doing things related to your brokerage account but that don't improve your finance or your quality of life, that alone is staggering.

    Over the course of your life:

    How much time have you wasted because of lousy customer service ? Staggering.

    How much time are you spending reading commercials while you are checking email, facebook, twitter and what not ? Staggering.

    How much time are you spending using useless and expensive electronic gizmos ? Staggering .

    How much time are you spending dreaming and what not on pictures of scantily clad women ? Staggering .

    How much time are you spending thinking about that new toy that you don't need ? Staggering .

    The question is how do you fight back against corporations now taking over every aspect of your life ? And can you at all ?
  2. Try opening your window, leaning out and yelling, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more!" :cool:
  3. Those bad corporations also are the source of most jobs. So unless you want to ban them, and take up a job like buggy whip maker...

  4. Guilty as charged.:(
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    You've got over 2,000 posts on this web site and you're complaining about the corporocracy taking over people's lives? go watch Free Willie cause it's unlikely that you have any free will.
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    ....and dwelling on the questions/issues you pose eradicates more of ones time. As has my reply.
  7. Trade well.

    Never pay retail.
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    Get your own agenda. Draw a pyramid. Divide it three ways. At the top put your loftiest goals, what you would like to see at the end of your life looking back. In the middle put the intermediate goals that have to be attained to get to the top ones. The bottom third of the pyramid is your daily to-do list. Spend a lot of time on those intermediate goals by attending to your to-do-list...

    This makes all your efforts be like a radio signal out of a directional antenna, all the energy is focused on YOUR agenda, not dissapated by THEIR zillion agendas...

    Does it work? I made the pyramid when I was 50 yo and sort of stagnating in a job, now... wow, way the heck better off, 65 and no regrets with probably 20 more years of productive living and goals... it's great to say the least... do that when you are twenty and it's dynamite..... you will be learning lots of things along the way because typically there is much learning involved in just accomplishing the middle goals.. I've had to master several areas of life really... you don't do that without goals.... life is a big Montessori school, enroll asap.....
  9. Thanks for sharing maxpi. Where did you learn to do this ?
    The pyramid sounds like taken out of a Tony Robbins book.

    But to claim your life back, first thing you should do IMO is send an email to all your software providers , that from now on there will be no upgrade anymore . And that as far as you are concerned you will no longer change computer, upgrade OS or any other piece of software on your goddamn computer !

    Will you miss out on anything ? No if you think about it there hasn't been any major improvement in computing in the past 5 years and there likely won't be any in the next 5. (btw what does it say abouit the future for tech ?)
    I still have a copy of Win2k, Vista is a POS, even XP Pro to me is nowhere as good as Win2k, I hate it , it brings nothing valuable to the table.

    And no thank you I don't need Win 7 . The problem with developers is that they become redundant the very day they build the perfect app.