How do you choose stocks for daytrading?

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    How do you choose stocks for daytrading? Do you only trade stocks in a certain price range? Between a certain volume range? Big quote change? Small, medium or Large cap? Stocks in a clear up/down trend or sideways? etc...
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  4. 1. At 10:00am ET, check the top gainers on the scanner

    2. Pull one of them up on a short timeframe chart and look for a bull flag

    3. Buy the breakout

    4. Ring your cash register
  5. With all due respect we both know it's not that easy particularly on intraday bull flags.
  6. I don't daytrade, but if you look at where the volume is, there's a lot of day trade activity in leveraged etf pairs. Leveraged etfs are good short-term trade vehicles that make poor long-term vehicles of choices in rangebound markets.

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  7. There is no way to answer you without coming across negatively.

    To anyone else out there with eyes to see, look for yourselves. It's right there.
  8. If it was everyone would be doing it, there's not easy way to make money in the markets.

    You can't explain profitable trading in two sentences, sorry.
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    That makes sense. Thanks for the tip!
  10. Maybe you can't........
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