How do you choose a stock to invest in?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by shotse, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Everyone has a different strategy to how they choose how they pick a stock to invest in. What's yours?
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    Hey sharpshooter/buddy;
    tried to find your QQQ thread, computer search malfunction:cool:

    IBD newspaper[free trial i think] books helped a lot.
    Also find a sector that provokes keen interest/passion.

    Like gun companys/sharpshooter, but like liquidity/plenty;
    so instead did buy /sell MOO......................................;
    For sells/downternds,, find something that deserves every downtick they get, like Citibank.....LOL:D

    PS ,SPY looks to old to be a good uptrend[now];
    dont like sideways trends AT ALL.

    SLV, but even more ,Silver cash/spot =great uptend, but panda bear short term trend...................... :cool:
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  4. 1. Insider ownership. Skin in the game. Option flipping is a foregone conclusion.

    2. Insititutional ownership. Discovered but not saturated.

    3. Reasonable Price to sales ratio. Fuck EPS

    4. A 52 week or All time high attainable. The difference from here to there is resistance.

    5. Being in harmony with the market is wind at your back. That's NOT present at the moment.

    6. From there is price action, a manageable position size and honoring thy stops.

    7. Stop out? There's another bus coming along in 15 minutes.