How do you buy Chinese YUAN?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by swtrader, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. So it's being revalued, and revalued upward

    Sounds like a bull market in YUAN to me

    How do you buy it?

    Seems like this would have a number of tradable implications
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    Long HSI or HHI futures contracts in HKFE may be one choice.

    Actually, whenever there is a strong speculation that Chinese Yuan will aprreciate, the Hong Kong stock index go up. IT is difficult to buy chinese equities, but not very difficult to buy Chinese-related equities listed in HKFE
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  4. Be careful.... Hang Seng Index has already risen a lot in anticipation of the revaluation. So it may be the time to sell when it is finalized. Maybe better wait and see before taking action...

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    Hot money was buying real estate lately, but that just doesnt seem like a good idea to me.
  6. the easiest way would be to goto china and smuggle it out. i dont think US banks are stocked with yuan yet.
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    the hot money in HK seems to always be buying real estate.

    In HK, you can open and RMB account. FYI, HHI and FXC futures ran up 2% yesterday while the index was flat. (HHI and FXC are china stock indices)
  8. Sure, much easier to go all the way to China and purchase a duffel bag full of 100 Yuan notes (The highest denomination minted), and then attempt to smuggle it all back into the U.S.

    Perjury on the customs form isn't too bad a felony If it all gets confiscated by the U.S. government for failure to declare, at least you learned alot from the experience. Yup, smuggling is much easier than just clicking here:

    and buying Yuan CD's.
  9. I see CNBC & all their guests are bullish on the YUAN. I thinking it's a sucker play to buy up YUAN right now.

    Let's be real, China & USA have a symbiotic relationship. Chinese goods get too expensive, less exports from China.

    Great link, thanks.
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