how do you become a moderator

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  1. how do you become a moderator.
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    another satisfied customer.:p
  5. Oh yeah? Let's see how satisfied he is after a few weeks! :)
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    Kinda cruel to throw him into Econ right off the bat. ;)
  7. why what is wrong with econ? why will i regret it in a few weeks?
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    Haha, don't pay any attention to these guys, there just messing with you. They're all good except for that Tsomething guy, that guys evil. :D
  10. "Some mod deleted my 1000000-page thread on the current economic condition! Mod sucks!!! Die die die!!" <--this is what you'll get in econ....posted by econ profs from various universities.


    Congratulation on your new role, morganist!
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