How do you automatically download monthly statement from IB?

Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by dabao91, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. dabao91


    How do you automatically download monthly statement from IB (Interactive Brokers)? CTA

    Do you use any software to do so? Or you just manually do that each month?

    How about automatically download daily statement from IB as well?

    Any suggestions?

  2. sprstpd


    I used to have a program that would log in for me, go to the statement pages, and download all the monthlies for a given year. However, it was pretty hacky and involved sending characters to an Internet Explorer window. It stopped working at one point and because of how complex IB's web pages have become I decided not to update it and instead just download manually.

    However, there are tools out there to help people web scrape fairly easily. If you know Ruby, here is one:

    This is another:

    The second link appears to allow interaction with the webpage, which is what you would want.
  3. dabao91


    I wander if there is any shareware we can use to automatically download statement from IB?

    Does any one use IBpnl before?

    I have not use it, not sure how good or bad?
    Can any one share some light?

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    I use FlexStatement service. It is not working with IE though and IB doesn't want to fix it. If you use FireFox you are fine.
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    I didn't know about this...Thx

  7. I believe you can just export to quicken from the statement... not confirmed still looking into it...
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    wish IB would make 60 min charts update .
  9. Why can't IB just have an option where they email you the Statement every day.

    If someone sees it... so what?

    But this will never happen...
    The Customer must be punished.

    I have to use the Platinum Security Device TWICE to get to statement...
    And then download...
    So I only bother every few weeks.
  10. Personally I get too much shit in my mailbox anyway.

    But why use ur device twice?

    I use mine once to log into TWS then I hit the View/Account Management menu on TWS. Up comes a browser window then select what you want.

    And yes you can export to quicken, money and other things. I use CSV format because I want to open it with Excel.
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