How do we Know ????

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    I've never met a successful trader. In the Market Wizard Books there was only a handful. Is it possible that no one is really making any money? In Rothschild's book ,"A Fool with his Money."
    he couldn't find anyone out in Chicargo that actually made money. Everyone hides there edge, maybe there is no edge and gurus say if you are trading for a living you are full off it. Are there really mentors here? Or are we all just pretenting. Teachers and students, right, and really think about it if you were steadily grabbing a couple of pts. daily would you be at this site giving hints? OK been reading posts for awhile and am curious if it's a facade.
  2. You don't know.

    The internet is full of people pretending to be someone else. I would guess that most of the people here have multiple aliases.

    But go ahead and keep on trading, we need the liquidity.
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    "When you know, and you know that you know, then confidence overpowers fear."

    Don Jones

    If you think, just dont think you are the false image of your self that your mind creates, for that you are not.
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    LOL. :)
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    Hit every office in your area and find out who's really making money. It is true that a lot (most) of the guys wont be making money, but there are some that are very good out there. They wont wave their arms and scream for your attention, you've got to bust ass and seek them out. These are the people you surround yourself with. Befriend them and pick their brains day in and day out without annoying the shit out of them. Trade with them and if you have your own skills, you'll pick their styles and skills. Don't get lost in this "edge" BS , though. There's no magic quality behind any succesful traders. They build their skills on hard work and a healthy understanding of themselves and the psychology needed to foster winning attitudes and behaviors. My ten cents , my two cents is free.
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    A good friend of mine is a very successful trader for 15 years and he is mentoring me. His mentor, who I get to speak with occasionally, takes very big money out of the market consistently - and my friend tells me that guy is a market genius and is in his own league. So I guess really successful and consistent traders exist, they are just few and far between.
  7. Why do you care?

    When you become successful; all that matters is your account statement ...
  8. It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of successful traders are mean, ugly, lonely, sexually dysfunctional creeps who wouldn't share their secrets even if they could. Part of the deal that they make with the Devil is that, in exchange for becoming successful as traders, they have to become failures in every other regard. The few exceptions you sometimes see or read about are the handful whom the Prince of Darkness selects solely for the purpose of interesting the innocent in his dark designs. Usually, they're being rewarded for performing tasks that have nothing at all to do with trading.

    Got it?
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    Take the RED pill.

  10. I normally don't respond or even look at threads like this one because it's obvious that the author is projecting his own sense of failure.
    The title lured me in. I couldn't agree with Metoox more. If someone is wasting their time wondering if anyone else is making money or not their game is already over.
    I also go back to a round a golf I played this past summer. In our foursome my cart passenger kept complaining about another golfer shaving strokes. After a while I finally said, "The only score I care about is my own".
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