How do we know we finally hit the bottom?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by romanvm, Oct 8, 2008.

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    "I still say we have a 15-20% down day before this is over. The selling is going to be so sick that Bob Pisani is going to puke on the floor of the NYSE on live camera. Dennis Asshat Kneale will crap his pants in the studio and will politely be escorted outside to ‘clean’ up. Erin Burnett will rip of her clothes and run around the CNBC news room in her birthday suit. Maria Bartiromo will blow Dylan Ratigan on live camera. Mark Haines will wallop Charlie Gasbagarino with a baseball bat... And finally Jim Cramer will light himself on fire and and jump out the window. Thats when we can think about going long."

  2. Or just switch to MTV.....
  3. Mad Money is cancelled. I hope viewers are firing away angry emails at CNBC regarding cramer's horrible advice and flip flopping. If enough people complain maybe CNBC will cancel it for fear of litigation.
  4. cuz69


    When everything goes to zero and CNBC is no longer a TV channel.

  5. when stocktrader goes negative, or just disapears (for good this time), he is the ultimate fade..........ever
  6. Tums


    when interest rate goes to zero percent?
  7. We won't know when we finally hit bottom.

    The first rally up will look just like another rally in a downtrend. Remember when that tool Hedgefundturkey was screaming about IBD and "rally mode" back in March?

    If history is any giude, the market may bump along the bottom going sideways for awhile with the volume drying up, then a rise off the bottom on increased volume, and some form of test of the lows on lower volume, perhaps not making it all the way back down. Just one of several possiblilities.

    Is this what's going to happen? I don't have a clue, and here's the thing - neither does anyone else. Hindsight will, of course, be 20/20.
  8. From my analysis, the S&P will put in a bottom within the next.....900 points. Just my take. I could be wrong LOL.
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    You will know in about 5 years
  10. When stock_trad3r finally throws in the towel, then there will never EVER be a better time to go long.
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