How do u guys know that such or such poster's been banned?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by 2cents, Apr 7, 2008.

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  2. search their username and see if it comes up.
  3. matter of fact they do, banned or not... have another line i hear it helps...
  4. Joe


    There is no way to find out, however I think their PM privileges are revoked if they are banned.

  5. provide an example of one

  6. there are tons, eg in the FX space notably, coinz and his multiple aliases over the years, all the posts are still there, didn't see any mention of being banned on their profile. same with wael, people say he's been banned (thats more to do with the P&R section, not really central to ET as it is meant to be, but just an example)

    no worries though, i was just curious, no big deal...
  7. fwiw, the guy who creates tons of aliases to bash Jack Hershey, if I search on the name and its still there I assume he isnt banned. But if I search again and it says "sorry no matches found" then I assume he's banned.

    This is why I posted what I did, about searching for the user name because I have seen that to be the trick.
  8. Joe


    You wont find any posts from him because we delete them all, so when you do a search he doesn't come up. Only people that post come up. Coinz is banned, but we kept his posts up so he comes up in searches.