how do traders in the US trade the european markets?

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  1. Just curious, how do those traders in the USA/canada trade the european markets? Do you start trading at night and trade through the US and european markets?
  2. I live in central time zone and trade the DAX from around 530-6 in the morn. Follow (and trade) DAX even after the US mkts have opened. Also follow and trade es and dow emini after mkt opens. What have you tried?
  3. I'm in the central time zone. I trade the DAX from 2:00 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. when the German equities market closes.
  4. So you wake up at 2:00am? Does your wife complain?:p
  5. I get up at 12:00 eat, check out the news headlines on bloomberg and go over my charts and review my notes for the day.

    My fiance doesn't mind. She is used to my routine.
  6. West coast time here.

    I trade euro open for a few hours, midnight to 2:00 or so. Get back up at 5:00 to trade bonds and euro fx futures. Start trading ES at after it opens. I'm usually only watching 2 things at any given time.
    For example:

    12:00 - 2:00 Eurostoxx 50, and Euro or Yen.

    5:00 - 7:00 (roughly), its bonds and Euro/yen.

    Then its ES and bonds till I quit for the day, which can be anywhere from 8:30 am to market close at 1:15, depending on my mood and the day.

    Hours are easy as I'm an insomniac anyway. 3 hours sleep is plenty. I do not nap during the day or before work at all, in fact I'm usually doing sports in the afternoon. I do sleep more on the weekends though.

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    Cut back on the coffee:cool:
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    Who do you guys use to trade these foreign markets?? I, too, am an insomniac and often consider trading foreign markets? 4 hours of sleep is plenty.
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    My day usually starts around 2 am from the east coast. Once I got into a routine, I found the more sleep I get, the more sluggish I feel.
  10. Its now 3:36 AM, and yes, I'm sucking down coffee - decaf!

    I, like most people here, use IB (Interactive Brokers) for international trading. They are set up to offer access to almost all international electronic exchanges.

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