How do the big boys 'talk' to each other during trading session?

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    Ok so we all know that the house always wins, only the elite few can move markets and so forth. I am sure there is more than one group of the elite who are trading the same instrument. If the various elite groups always make money, then they must be entering and existing at/nearly the same time. I don't think they will be on a conference call and broadcasting what they are doing to each other.

    So the question is how is it that they are able to act in a similar fashion? Is it some kind of pattern on the chart that is used as signals?
  2. bbg messaging.
  3. they all sell at the same time at the hod
  4. The stocks that are up on the day are posted before market hours on the billboards in Manhattan but you need special glasses to see the them.

    For example, the following billboard:


    is what the masses see but with special glasses you can see the subliminal message underneath the picture:


    With billboards being digital nowadays, the messages underneath the pictures can be changed more frequently. Some glasses see only the subliminal messages but the Wall Street Glasses™ can see the stocks that are about to go Booyah!
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    telephone still exists
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    Is it true?
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    I think it is true. They do contact eath other. Every field has a circle, they are the circle in the investment field.
  8. What are those images originally from?

  9. The might as well be signaling back and forth to each other with the numbers that have significance in any way whatsoever.Say,if you see the 666 or whatever number on your DOM,it may mean smth for someone.
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