How do some people just know, stock up 44%?

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  1. I'm a trader and I'm also in a online contest which lets you see what the last ticker symbol is that someone traded. This person traded China Technology Development Group Corporation (CTDC) and today it's up 44%!!!!!!!!!!

    So that means that someone made a fortune today trading from just this little stock. It was around $7.00 and up $3.09 today. That means if you bought 1000 shares you would have made $3090 in a few hrs today. How do some people know this inside info?
  2. What you are experiencing is a siren. They are everywhere in the market and marketing.

    "The sirens were creatures who sang so sweetly that they attracted sailors to their death. The Sirens are a threat because they give the choice of hearing about life instead of experiencing it. Sirens were temtresses who with their sweet voices represent the distractions that keep you from your goal."

    Fughedaboutit. You will answer your own question, one day.
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  4. kun now shot up 3.50+ dollars!!!!