how do scalpers survive bad ticks

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  1. Ive been watching spy on 233 tick charts, and even for something with this much volume, ive seen a few bad ticks for 12 to 20+ cents. As scalpers, do you place stops hoping this bad ticks dont get you out ?
  2. They don't

    99.99% of scalpers blowup rather quickly.

  3. Any trading platform worth its salt has ways to filter against bad/out of market prints, so that they do not cause stop-outs. It has never even been an issue for me.
  4. any good system does not forces out on a single bad print.

    anyways most good scalpers i know do not rely on stop-loss orders as for slippage... prefer hitting out themselves.

    **getting out lightning fast if its not moving in your favor is the first premise of scalping.
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    I think what you're seeing on those spikes are latent prints, which should have no effect on stop or limit orders. They never affected any of my trades, though I encounter them all the time.
  7. you can filter out bad ticks by only accepting tick within the inside quote. any outside ticks could be considered outside executions.
  8. i was under the impression that those weren't actual prints and just software glitches.

    Yahoo Finance shows stuff like that a lot for SPY. Sometimes it ruins the perspective of the charts. Like there will be one print that is 5 dollars higher than where price actually traded. I don't think anyone actually got a fill there.
  9. if u are a true scalper, ur stops are mental stops never hard stops. hard stops take too much time
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