how do scalpers deal with commission

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    People who scalp, say the Forex market, how do they make money, since the best you can get is 3pip difference? Say the eur/usd goes up 4 pips, you make 1 pip profit. If it goes down 4, you lose 7 pips. Its insane!!
    Also, how do the forex brokers get their rates lower. Like they offer us 3pip, so they certainly get it for lower to make their profit. Where do THEY trade it? They probably get their exchange for 1 pip or lower or free, but how? Like say I want to be a broker myself and open a company, how and where would I get lower rates?

    thanx :)
  2. never heard of oanda ??
  3. Retail "forex" brokers are bucket shops by a different name. Waste of time and your guarenteed to take your money. Good luck.


  4. Daytrading cash forex is a not worth your time, try currency futures. You will save $$$$ on the spread and commissions that some forex brokers charge to give you a platform that doesn't requote.
  5. I don't trade forex, but isn't IB's deal (no pun) a fair shake?
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    And don't forget that recommends in there web page
    so they are definitively connected
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  10. Yes, and they almost have to be bucketing trades. 2 pip
    spreads and 2-3 pip IB rebate? Just not possible. Too
    good to be true.

    There is another post on this forum about these two
    affiliated brokers and fraud.

    To the original poster on this thread: on many platforms
    you can make the spread as well as pay it. EBS, CurrenEx,
    HotspotFXI, LavaFX, CoesFX... Forex ECN's are popping
    up all over. If they follow the same path as equities ECN's,
    soon they will actually pay you (rebates) to add liquidity.

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