how do prop futures firms

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  1. compete against the likes of GS , JPM and these guys ?

    I am sooo tired fighting their stupid BOTS and order flow

    from calpers etc whom seem to chase everything moving up and down ... in all time frames ...

    at least the trend followers do not trade everthing everyday

    so perhaps this rules out a few of the afore mentioned names above

  2. cstfx


    I'd like to know why they allow a clearing firm to also have a prop desk. Doesn't make sense to me as it is obvious that the inhouse prop desk is going to get priority over, say, Bright or whoever else clears thru GS. If they do push reform, I would hope they address this, because the little guy (or big, just call him the "other" guy") will never have the trading advantage of their on desk.
  3. Surdo


    A few years back, right after GS bought SLK, it took them quite some time to "integrate" the specialist units and the various desks around SLK.

    I covered a guy, a real cowboy, but great trader, and super nice guy, he used to give me monster orders in very liquid names. MO, T, JNJ...etc...

    It turns out he was being fed my order flow from another GS desk, and I figured it out, he was always conveniently on the other side of a corporate BUY back!

    We crossed some nice stock, but it eventually raised a few eyebrows on my block desk.