How do prop firms operate?

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  1. So I have cash and instead of opening a retail account at IB or ThinkorSwim, I hand it over to BrightTrading LLC and they loan me $1m...

    I'm kinda clueless so please help me understand the business of Prop Trading. Am I an employee, an indy, client?
  2. Are there prop firms that allow traders to trade options/futures/swaps, etc?
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    can you also please explain the difference in terms of operation between prop shops
    and non prop shops which operate in a somewhat similar manner.
  4. what do you mean by "difference in terms of operation" exactly?

    in a true prop trading set up, the trader gets paid a salary, a small cut of the profits, and assumes no risk. proprietary trading setups as we all know them (see Echo, Bright, etc) are nothing more than disguised retail accounts with a bonus: leverage.
  5. Since options aren't margineable to retail guys, are there prop shops that will let you trade options? And if so, can you hold your positions indefinitely?

  6. Yes.
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