HOW do play the EVENTUAL avian flu or pandemic outbreak in northamerica?

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  1. What are the stocks we should short when avian flu finally hits north america? And which stocks should we buy.
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  4. Cardboard boxes would be more appropriate instead of wasting natural resources like mahogany.

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  7. Sinovac (SVA)

    also glaxo makes Tamiflu but they're probably too big for a pure play?
    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

    I don't really understand why exactly but both democrats and the administration (and the press) all seem to be in lockstep in their attempts to get $5-10Billion set aside for avian flu. Some republicans are balking at cost.

    I have to assume some big pharma donation is getting paid off given the coordinated effort

    U.S. Senate approves $4 bln to fight bird flu

    Given that we've reached the "markup" phase where avian flu gets promoted to the public I have to assume the "smart money" is already in the obvious choices.

    but what do i know, i don't really trade stocks. come to think of it the actual outbreak of the flu would probably be your exit, not your entry.

    despite my cynical tone i do consider influenza a real threat. Certainly a lot more real than "terror" and i'd sooner be spending money on preparedness for it.
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    Short SAFM, a chicken farmer.
  9. well dont you think its the same kind of thinking before katrina hit new orleans. You have people going its never going to happen, those, hurricanes hit every year. And those same people are now going, we werent warned, nobody said anything, it came out of nowhere. I think they should get 100'billion dollar to prepare for a pandemic. Can you imagine what would happen if they had to quarintine california. The losses could be staggering, the death toll if it hit every state in the US could be in the 10's of millions and economic losses acrross the world hit trillions of dollars.

  10. I think you have to actually handle an infected bird to get it from a chicken. My understanding is that you don't get it from cooked chicken.

    Anyway the big fear is that H5N1 mutates so that it can hop human to human.
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