How do illegals get free healthcare?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spinn, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. spinn


    You hear illegal aliens get all sorts of free procedures, but how?

    I am being attacked by Drs at exactly te time I am I lost my job due to rising premiums a few months ago.

    I had skin cancer and a year ago the dr who charges $12,000 an hour to perform a very easy procedure screwed it up even though it has a 99.7% succes rate....was it an accident or does he want to hit my insurance company another $12,000...i have no idea but he did.

    The freakin DRs wont even tell me what it will cost now...they bill you after its done and claim they dont know, or can even guess.

    Additionally another dr wants to test me for lyme disease even though I have been tested already, the wrong test was done and the one I need now costs $400.

    So how do people from third world countries get this stuff done free. I have already paid for these two things and dont want to again.
  2. If he screwed up, sue him for malpractice. That way if he did it on purpose, it might stop him from doing it again to someone else.
  3. The show up at the ER and can't be refused care. The provide bogus info and get care. The typically own nothing and keep their money in cash so there ain't nothing to go after if you can catch them. They also use multiple aliases.

    BTW I am not attempting to demonize illegals. I have just heard how it's done since I come from Southern CA, originally.
  4. M Jared

    M Jared

    Illegals only get ER care to stabilize them.They don't get all the things you did unless its a charity program
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    THey have a child in the us and get emergency medicaid or they go to ER and cant be refused medical attetion. they have ss# so nobody can catch up with them.Thats why as a citizen you pay more.
  6. spinn


    ok...obviously my two issues were not emergencies so medicaid will not pay for anything.....correct?
  7. If I owned a Hospital, I would do away with the ER.
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    They get medicaid same as people on welfare.If you actually work and pay taxes you get nothing.

  9. spinn


    what a mess I guess im done....I am also not happy with the dr this precedure should not have to be done again....not only that but he tried to hit my insurance company with another $1000 fee a year later but they shot it down. That would of brought the total for this 10 minute procedure to just under $3000, I wish I made $18,000 an hour.
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    What state are you in ? In NY you may be able to get some help.

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