How Do I Trade Gold?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by c_verm, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. c_verm


    Is there an ETF that shadows GOLD?? Your help would be great.
  2. CEF is a gold and silver fund which holds the actual commodity but it trades at a high premium. There are also emini Gold futures and full size Gold futures. Depending on your size one of those three options should work for you.
  3. c_verm


    Thanks for your help. I woudl really like to find one that just follows Gold though. Anyone else know?
  4. i watch au to trade rypmx
  5. Cutten


    Why not just use gold futures? Mini-contracts trade on ECBOT, and you can access them via IB (symbol YG).
  6. MRWSM


    Later this year there's going to be an ETF for gold where it follows the actual price of gold.

    Seems like it would be a snoozer though.
  7. I read there is a new "Gold" ETF , each share represents a set amount of Gold kept in a London vault. Don't know where it trades though . Otherwise the CBOT mini is good.