How do I rotate my desktop 90 Degrees?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by binar, Nov 10, 2008.

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    Fellow Forum Members,
    I own a Quadro NVS 440 which is supporting four 28" LCD monitors standing up in a portrait orientation as opposed to a landscape orientation. I accomplished this by removing the LCD monitor stand and mounting each one to the wall. I'm doing it this way because one could arrange charts more effectively when monitors are standing up sideways.

    Essentially, each LCD monitor leaves the factory to display an image the same way a dollar bill shows George Washington's nose pointing the your right. However, in my case each of my LCD monitors is are displaying all images as though I'm looking at a dollar bill with George Washington's nose pointing to the ceiling.

    I'm using the following driver:


    Can anyone help me figure out how I can rotate my entire desktop 90 degrees in a clockwise direction? Such an adjustment will enable me to see everything in a normal orientation and not sideways. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I suggest that you turn George Washington's nose so that it points to the floor and then rotate the LCD's 180 degrees. This will put George's nose back to normal orientation after the driver is set to mirror image. HTH
  3. You might try Ctl>Alt>Up Arrow, or Right Arrow. Might work if your video driver supports this feature.
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    I tried both options and no luck. I have looked all over the Nvidia control panel and I can't find any command the will let me rotate the display. If anyone out there knows where Nvidia is hiding this command please let me know. Thanks
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    if you are using VISTA, you can change the orientation in the Personalize set up.
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    I'm using Windows XP Pro with the following Nvidia driver:


    I think this is possible in XP, the problem is how?
  7. Can't you do it with the NView feature of the Nvidia software? NVRotate
  8. I have 3 Nvidia GeForce 7600GS cards and this option has to be set or turned on in the Nvidia control panel

    Start >> Control Panel >> Display >> Settings >> Advanced >> Nvidia Display Control Panel

    Not sure if your card driver has this, but give it a try.
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    Four Quadro 285s in my XP rig with two 22" widescreens in portrait mode, but I'm not sure which driver I'm using. (I looked, but couldn't find it.) Anyway, right click on the NVIDIA icon in the taskbar on the right, move the cursor up to the monitor you want to change, then a box will appear on the left with a rotation settings option. Easy to figure out from there.

    I'm sure I don't have the latest drivers because I had some problems with them.
    If nothing works for you, I'd suggest uninstalling the drivers and trying again, or see if older drivers work .
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