How do I remove a stubborn programme

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    An Fx programme failed to install properly and Windows Clean Up cannot even see it let alone remove it.

    Add/Remove prammes can see it but cannot remove it.

    What is my next step please

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  3. I would try a system restore. When you installed the fx program, a save point should have been created by the Windows OS. You should be able to restore the system to the state prior to the fx installation by restoring this save point.

    In XP, you can access the system restore facility via, Start->AllPrograms->Accessories->SystemTools->SystemRestore.

    You want to do the "Restore my computer to an earlier time" button (the default, I believe).

    Any restore can be undone, if need be.
  4. I have a Vista system. I remember once not being able to delete or remove a program. I changed the name of the file extension to .txt so the system identifies it as a text file. Then the system allowed me to delete the file.

  5. You can download a free remover called "Revo Uninstaller" from any freeware sight - it works awesome for stuff like this.
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    Thank you it worked like a charm
  7. I had the same problem with a program that wouldn't install. I went to Google and found a solution from Microsoft. It involved deleting a registry file. I must have done something wrong because my computer wouldn't start after that. My computer guy wasn't able to fix my computer without a substantial rebuild. If this happns to me again, I am going to live with the minor inconvenience.