How do I register for IB's Financial Advisor?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Spark, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. Spark


    IB sent me e-invitation to apply for its Financial Advisor program. Once I fill the application, it is rejected due to lack of registered advisee licence. How can I be the registered investment advisor? What are the procedures for it? Do I need to appear in any form of security exams? If any, what are they?
    Do I get such a registration within my state, or I need to go to New York, wall street? If anyone here have gone through that process, it would be a great hint for me. Thanks.
  2. Spark


    I called IB, but u all know the customer support desk....
  3. Minime


    Perhaps show up personally as Darth Vader? :confused:
  4. PKJR


    depends on the capital that you manage and number of clients invloved and state that you are in..

    the first thing is to contact your state department of banking and finance..some of the states require that you pass a test and go through registration process.. the whole process should not cost more than 2-3k and there are some firms that will help you go through all the required forms and registration process..