How do I recover money from a broker?

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  1. Please account was traded for a client from $2500 to over 190k , In 4 months, only $20,000 that was withrew from it last two months.
    Investor put a request since twelve days ago of 50k, nothing was done, only for her to get a message that her account was terminated due to she used invalid passport, seriously?
    Can't access anymore, broker based I'm Russia and account was traded yesterday but lost access and was mailed today, how do we go about this as client already said she did not do what they said, as her ID is valid.
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  2. Maybe ask Russia?
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    Broker name?
  4. Hollywood Upstairs FX and Massage.
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    Hire an attorney who specializes in these matters, provide all the documents and go from there.
  6. I would just provide the documents they are requesting to unrestrict the account. She likely just needs to provide a valid ID. The brokerage likely has to verify your client's identity to be compliant with USA Patriot Act. If she says she already provided it call them to verify they received it and find out the next steps.

    They will keep a restriction on the account that prevents withdrawals. They're supposed to block the account from trading too but it sounds like the issue maybe came up after the fact.

    If you can't provide whatever they are requesting, the client probably shouldn't have opened the account in the first place so they might be screwed and the money will be very difficult to obtain.
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  8. Last screenshots before I got lockout, I'm still keeping broker name withheld to know if things will be sorted amicably
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  9. More files, I'm currently afraid as I was told they could delete trading history tool
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    Some fake Forex brokers create fake transactions that never happened at exchanges. They want to make you think that you are making money so that you deposit more money. Sometimes they allow you to withdraw some money to make it look real and so that you tell friends who will also open accounts or give you money to trade. When you try to withdraw more money instead of adding, then they close your account.
    Basically a Ponzi scheme.
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