How do I open a hedge fund?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GlobalFinancier, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. What the requirements for opening and managing a hedge fund? Thanks.
  2. lol. thats pretty funny
  3. Well, one of my friends asked a lawyer or something like that.
    I just wanted to get different opinions/ideas.
    Also, it would be good for me to find a hedge fund manager :D.(hopefully he's going to read this thread)
  4. ktm


    I love this place.:D
  5. just21


    Do a search, this question has neen asked many times here.
  6. I thought he was kidding when I read the post but now that I think of it since ET has been praised by Barrons it makes sense that lots of global financiers will be stopping by here for advice.:)
  7. Money. Lots and lots of money.
  8. why would you want to open a hedge fund? according to Don Bright, they are a bad option- you should trade at a prop shop all your life and be "independent" !! :D :D
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