How do I land a job as a trader

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lasner, May 18, 2008.

  1. lasner


    I was wondering if anyone could give advice as to how to break into the trading world.

    I'm 32 I have a college degree from the University of Delaware. I used to work at Morgan Stanley as a broker. I have the 7 and 63.

    I want to head to new york and start as a trader's assistant. Anyone have any advice on how to break in....
  2. APA


  3. you are well qualified. if you want to start "prop" trading i bet there are many firms that will take you on. contact some of the better firms such as bright and assent which have training programs. The irony with prop trading is that they want traders out of college who they can mold, rather then experienced people who have been in the business for awhile.

    best of luck
  4. igor00



    I have profitable trading experience, can i find somenting interesting for me? (Mostly futures...).
  5. You have to know someone unless you buy your way in. It's an old boys club.

    Either that, or you actually have to know how make money on your own. Show them a track record and they'll give you a job.
  6. PanPizza


    Agreed. Nepotism or you're a trading prodigy. Otherwise, guys like you and 99.99% of the people on ET are less then a dime a dozen to Wall St. firms.
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    If you've got something good, trade for yourself and build up your equity and increase trade size. The leverage in futures eliminates the need for a so-called prop firm and they aren't interested in futures, only stocks.
  8. igor00


    If i will start with 100,000$ 50/50% of profit, i can save about 1 year time.
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    Best of luck. I'm interested in how far you get, so keep me posted here or PM.
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